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The Arcade

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Do you love trying new beauty brands? If yes, then we are going to guess you are a beauty advocate who loves to be at the pulse of newness and trend and we invite you to visit The Arcade at Bobby’s Beauty.

The Arcade is one of our favourite areas dedicated to niche brands that, although they may be small they still pack a mighty punch in the beauty world when it comes to innovation and the opportunity to explore something new and often different.

Of course, working with brands who have eco-friendly initiatives at the heart of what they do is important to us and the story telling behind many of our brands is almost as important to us as the product itself. As a growing business that prides itself on delivering a true beauty destination these small brands are as essential as the globally acclaimed brands that we all know and love.


Smaller brands are often still independently owned by their original owner/founders which adds to their authenticity and enriches their values and product portfolio. We believe that founder-led brands often come from a place of heartfelt passion and a genuine desire to create a brand that harnesses the best of the beauty world from naturally sourced ingredients to a full consideration of the impact their product will have on the planet.

Planet-friendly decisions underpin the core values of how Bobby’s Beauty is navigating the retail landscape and our Arcade destination is a chance for us to work with these smaller brands that are often more able to support our mission. Being sustainable is a word that is on everyone’s lips these days and whilst recycling and recycled packaging is great, it isn’t the only thing that makes a product kind to the environment. It is about how brands harvest and source ingredients and also their production methods. All this goes towards making them more ethical and planet conscious. Anything beauty brands can do to lessen the impact on our planet we actively applaud.

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