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Urban Decay

Colour that goes all day and lasts all night. Reinvention over perfection. Inspiration without replication. Kindness over cruelty.

A make-up brand born in southern California with no limits or boundaries and we love this quote by one of the Co-Founders, Wende Zomnir, "Makeup is not about covering your flaws but, showing the world who you are.’’

Known originally for the 'IT' palette, the brand has grown in strength and is our go-to brand for party and event looks.

The brand is an innovator and creates products that are different embracing pure, unapologetic individuality. The brand is cruelty free and long standing members of PETA and it is also working towards having 100% of its products vegan formulated which Bobby’s Beauty applauds as it is one step forward to being kinder to our planet.

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