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How left over coffee grounds inspired a skincare brand... yes you heard that right! UpCircle are a beauty brand with a difference.

A beauty brand with a conscience, independently owned by a young dynamic sister and brother duo. As the name may suggest the brand was founded on upcycled ingredients and proudly displays their vegan, cruelty-free and B Corp certified accreditations. Their story started with the idea of giving used coffee grounds a new lease of life and the clever team have now transformed more than 450 tonnes of the stuff into sustainable skincare and they now work with over a dozen or more ingredients in their range that are upcycled from palm oil made from residual chai spices leftover after making chai syrup to repurposed blueberries, a by product of the juicing industry.

The brand has also captured the attention of the beauty influencer community and found one of their products was recently heralded as the quickest way to achieving ‘jello’ skin! Not heard of this? then read up and discover why our team have all put this as top of their wishlist - smooth, dewy bouncy skin that is plump and full of collagen and the product behind all the furore is the organic face serum with Coffee oil. We are in!

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