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Skin in Motion

A unique brand on the market Skin in Motion, a skincare and makeup line especially formulated for exercise and active lives.

The brand was founded by Gia Mills, a London based celebrity and fashion makeup artist. Gia also loves to keep active in her free time from marathon running to cycling and yoga and when she learnt that 75% of women are put off exercise for fear of being judged over their appearance* She wanted to change that.

Utilising her expertise and know-how in makeup and skincare, as well as understanding the therapeutic benefits of exercise both physically and mentally, she set to work on creating Skin In Motion.

Whilst sharing the products with friends and family she also realised that not only were her formulations going to be an asset to women who love to work out but also beneficial to women going through the menopause, unwelcome hot flushes means makeup can tend to slide off your face by the end of the day but Skin In Motion offers a great solution for this.

Of course, we also love that all of her products are cruelty free and also made from recyclable plastic and cardboard but we also love them for their unique formulations when it comes to confidence building with natural looking makeup that stays put on your face whatever your day puts it through.

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