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NEOM, a real go-to brand for anyone that is looking for a luxury wellbeing brand that looks and smells amazing but is also effective.

We loved NEOM’s story from the very beginning, Founder, Nicola Elliot was working long days in her previous job as a journalist, struggling with both stress and lack of energy, this became the catalyst for Nicola to start her beautiful range she named NEOM. She re-trained as an aromatherapist, so really knows a thing or two about creating beautiful pure essential oil blends.

Nicola's first creation was Tranquility, made for her sister to help her with her trouble sleeping. Then came Real Luxury to help combat her own anxiety and stress. Feel Refreshed which was created for her husband who played a lot of sport and needed a regular energy boost. NEOM's inspiration is very much driven by Nicola's family which we love.

NEOM is one brand we look to as a pioneer in sustainability at their very core. With Organic ingredients the brands prides itself on focusing on a number of sustainable pillars including recyclable packaging, reusable products and a pledge to be zero waste & carbon neutral by 2025.

Simply put, NEOM’s blends are 100% natural, complex fragrances blended only with the purest of essential oils that help you sleep better, stress less, boost your energy or give you a joyful mood lift.

This brand is a firm favourite amongst many of our team and we hope that you will discover the perfect blend for you. A well rounded brand that offers wellbeing benefits through essential oils to use in your home diffuser, a wonderfully fragrant and luxurious bath and body range or scent your home with candles to get your NEOM fix.

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