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A brand born over 30 years ago, the founder Dr. Murad launched what he called a skincare revolution with a simple manifesto stating that skincare is health care.

A modern day Doctor brand, skincare collection with a vision to bring a number of healthcare professionals that worked together as a team to create a range using scientifically proven formulas and technologies, to help people achieve the healthiest and most beautiful skin possible.

Every product within the range is always formulated with a view on how it can protect and nourish the skin and indeed one of the quotes from Dr. Murad that resonates with us the most is:

"Skin is beautiful when it’s healthy at the cellular level, so we create products with powerful hydrating ingredients that support the skin’s barrier function to protect cells from environmental damage and dehydration, while encouraging healthy cell turnover.” - Dr. Murad

An all encompassing skincare range that is committed to developing clinically proven, cruelty-free products that meet the meticulous standards for safety, efficacy and care you’d expect from a doctor.

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