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Luna Serene

Locally made candles and home scents, handpoured with love.

A beauty baby, this brand was created in the first lockdown back in 2020. What started as a comforting habit in times of uncertainty and anxiety the founders discovered that the simple ritual of lighting a candle really helped set their day. Whether this be in the morning and an uplifting scent to energise or in the evening with a calming fragrance that helped them relax and unwind.

Handmade and hand poured with just the right amount of essential oils which is where the real magic happens and ta da a niche vegan friendly and cruelty free wellness candle range was born. Make your day go as smooth as it possibly can and enjoy the comforting ritual of lighting a Luna Serene candle and sit back and enjoy the benefits. Discover the range in store and choose your favourite. We know that it won’t be an easy choice.

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