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As a brand who established themselves in Bournemouth and who also champion planet friendly beauty, L'Organiq was the perfect fit to open our Beauty Hall with back in 2021, and have continued to grow ever since.

Like many brands, the founder of L’Organiq has a story of how and why she started the business; except Emma, the founder of L’Organiq has a story that really struck a chord with us.

At the age of 35 she was diagnosed with breast cancer and from here started her long journey of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery. Having been an avid beauty fan and always seeking out the latest skincare and makeup buys, Emma quickly realised that there was very little back then that was available on the market and would not aggravate her chemo ravaged skin.

This is where L’Organiq was born and also, as one of our local brands, is one that receives a lot of love from our customers.

The L’Organiq products are formulated from naturally derived botanicals, vegan and cruelty free, each ingredient is chosen for its powerful natural properties from antioxidant packed vitamins, fruit extracts and minerals to essential oils. There are also no nasties such as parabens, fillers, additives, sulphates or synthetic fragrance used in any of their products and sustainability is a key driver of the brand.

L’Organiq have even considered their packaging and have made it as recyclable and as low waste as possible, what more could we ask for in a skincare brand. Discover their mens range as well as BISOUS by L'Organiq for teens, find out more here.

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