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With bestsellers like their Almond Shower Oil and Verbena Shower Gel, experence a little slice of Provence wherever you choose.

L'OCCITANE is one of our most popular brands and we can understand why. With a comprehensive beauty, skincare and wellbeing range from natural plants and ingredients harvested from all around the world but always with sustainability being at the forefront of everything the brand does. Bobby’s Beauty is also one of the only places locally that you can buy eco refills across your favourite L'OCCITANE products while reducing your waste.

The team at L'OCCITANE tells us that 85% of plastic is saved on average compared to the original product. Choose from the bestselling body care, hair care and soap refills and say goodbye to plastic pollution. We all know that life by the seaside would be a happier place with less plastic, so we say this brand deserves a big shout out to all your friends as well.

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