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Tailored Customer service for 95 years, with “try before you buy”, coined as the brands unofficial slogan. Established in 1851, Kiehls can be regarded as the brand which has stood the test of time.

In 1851 Kiehls offering was a full-service pharmacy, stocking teas, herbs, tinctures, honeys, and the first-ever Kiehl branded products, including the signature Original Musk Oil.

Kiehl's have an extensive range of brands catering to both women and men. Offering personalised skin products and even hair products. All with their loyal customers’ needs in mind. Kiehl's were the first brand to be transparent with their ingredients and started listing what’s inside their products on the front of their packaging.

Again, with the customer in mind. Some of Kiehl's best sellers include the avocado eye cream, the ultra-facial cream and the anti-aging retinol serum.

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