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A unisex fragrance collection inspired by travel wanderlust and the many cities that the founder has visited.

A contemporary fragrance collection handmade in the UK from a delightful studio in the suburbs of London City. Gallivant is about celebrating simple pleasures and the human desire to be free to explore the world around us. From Abu Dhabi to Tokyo and 10 other fragrances in between, Gallivant might take you all around the world, but won't rack up the air miles, as all products are handmade in Britain.

One of our favourites is Tokyo, a sparkling woody fragrance with just the right amount of spice to add life and body to the fragrance. It opens with the soft aroma of woods and incense which give way to a heart of rose and nutmeg that sit atop a bed of sultry amber, patchouli and sandalwood.We call it our guilty pleasure but in reality it evokes pure happiness. Don’t take our word for it, explore the range in store and tell us your favourite.

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