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Estée Lauder

Founded back in 1946 Estée Lauder has a true authenticity and heritage, it has an incredibly wide range of products spanning across makeup, skincare and fragrance.

A luxury brand that has an appeal cross generationally and continues to innovate and remain at the apex of science and technology.

Founded by the inimitable Estée Lauder back in 1946 little did she know that she would set the standard for the entire beauty industry for decades to come.

The brand was the first to introduce a night serum to the skincare regime, understanding that our skin renews itself at night and from this Advanced Night Repair was born and remains one of the brand’s biggest sellers to this day.

Estée also changed the course of the fragrance industry when she created Youth-Dew Bath Oil in 1953, it was unheard of for women to buy fragrance for themselves. Perfume was only to be worn for special occasions, and women relied on the men in their lives to gift it to them. But by selling Youth-Dew as a bath oil that doubled as perfume, Estée gave women licence to buy fragrance for themselves and indulge in it anytime they liked.

A brand rich in history and with an incredible range of products , come and meet our team today and learn even more about this heritage brand and products that are here to stay the test of time.

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