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Dr Hauschka

100% natural, certified organic skin care that really makes a difference, a brand that has been caring for your skin and the planet for more than 50 years.

A skincare brand that has been talking about sustainability long before anyone realised that it needed to be a necessity.
Long before it became a trend, sustainability has been an integral part of the DNA upon which the Dr. Hauschka brand has been built. This is why since 1967, they have been laying the groundwork of commitment to support their global mission to protect and preserve the planet for years to come.

The Dr. Hauschka collection is powered by nature, 100% good for your skin and good for our world. Dr. Hauschka uses only the most premium 100% natural ingredients, which are sourced in the most ethical and eco-friendly manner – either grown at their very own medicinal herb garden at their Head Office in Germany, cultivated through wild harvesting or via global sustainability projects. Come into the Store to explore the range, many of our teams are true advocates of this brand and we think you will be too.

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