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Aphrodisiac Aromatherapy

‘Emotive Artist’ Sarah Ayten is showcasing her latest collection in the window of our Beauty Hall  


Explore Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine premium, therapeutic and ethical essential oil mixes 


Especially designed for people’s physical & emotional requirement’s, the oils are also vegan, cruelty free & environmentally friendly.


Shop the pop-up Monday 5th - Tuesday 20th February.

A bit about Ayten Aromatherapy...

Her Mission: 


"To encourage people to respect and protect nature through different mediums of Art & Aromatherapy"


As a professional make-up artist and skin care consultant, she freelanced for catwalk shows, fashion magazines and photographic studios. She then pursued her passion in performing arts which included acting, photographic modelling, music videos and expressive dance.  After fully immersing herself in the performing arts industry, Sarah felt drawn to her creativity.  It was at this point she decided to channel and express her emotions through different mediums such as art and aromatherapy.

“I personally explored the market, researching alternative medicine to alleviate anxiety and depression as well as practicing mindfulness meditation. I realized that I’m able to use my intuition and authentic ability to design products for people’s physical and emotional requirements.”

ayten aromatherapy6.jpg

Divine Feminine

Aphrodisiac properties, balances emotions,  alleviates tension and anxiety

A beautiful blend of rose, rose geranium, patchouli, cedar wood atlas, geranium, nutmeg and almond oil.

ayten aromatherapy16_edited.jpg

Divine Masculine

Aphrodisiac properties, detoxifies and reduces muscle tension, awakens intuition and reduces depression and anxiety.

A divine masculine blend of palo Santo, nagarmotha, cedarwood atlas, black pepper, patchouli, clove, geranium (Egyptian) and almond oil.

ayten aromatherapy13_edited.jpg


'A mysterious & elegant entrepreneur:

"I’m an emphatic person who picks up energies with ease and therefore decided to explore my emotions through different mediums of art and performance, as well as my passion for nature.

The power of essential oils totally transformed me and I’m eternally thankful.


Thus, she developed an art exhibition called “A Dark Night of the Soul – Into the LIGHT” in April 2019, consisting of a mixed media of painting, poetry, performance art and music, designed by Aconite in Berlin.


From the exhibition, she founded Ayten Aromatherapy which reflect’s her passion and desire to produce premium therapeutic grade essential oils.'


- The Bite Magazine

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