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Skin Generics

If you consider yourself a beauty aficionado then you may have already heard that our friends in Korea really know a thing or two about fantastic skincare.

Skin Generics all started during a trip to Korea. In Seoul where the founders discovered the true secrets behind the success of Korean cosmetics, they interacted and got to know the culture and beauty rituals of society up close. Stimulated by everything that they learned, Skin Generics was born and the founders developed a brand with an identity based on Korean know-how: innovation and high quality formulations, high concentration of active ingredients and unique textures that allow the penetration of active principles and increase the effectiveness of the products.

This is one clever brand that ticks all the right boxes for a credible but effective skincare regime plus it is cruelty free, dermatologically tested, so perfect for those with more sensitive skin and parabens free. A perfect combination of active ingredients and Korean know-how make this a brand that we would recommend you get to know a little better on your next trip to Bobby’s Beauty.

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