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A household name in the beauty world, Clarins and a family owned beauty business with a long credible history committed to respecting nature and respecting biodiversity.

The popularity of Clarins comes in part from its natural ingredients and we recently discovered that Clarins is known for using over 250 different natural plant extracts in their formulas. The clever team who are responsible for all the new products (imagine being this team) carefully select each natural ingredient to ensure it gives ultimate effectiveness to the product and you get a product that is doing the best it can for your skin.
From wonderfully nourishing oils for the face and body that smell divine to some of the most luxurious and trusted creams on the market we are a big fan of Clarins.

Word also has it that it also has the royal stamp of approval after the Princess of Wales was photographed with one of their lip products at Wimbledon.

Come into the store and discover some of the best natural skincare and cosmetics available in the market and why not indulge in some me time and book yourself a treatment too. Visit our services page for more details.

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