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We love Chanel for its simplicity, elegance and ability to remain current with such a timeless collection. Known for her famous quotes and one we live by is; ’A woman who doesn’t wear fragrance doesn’t have a future’’ Coco Chanel

We are proud to have one of the most sought after fragrance brands as part of our beauty portfolio. A fragrance collection that has a true global appeal and has stood the test of time over the years appealing to both young and old alike.

In 1921 Coco Chanel commissioned master perfumer Ernest Beaux to develop a new fragrance, it was one that was to rock the fragrance world and has stood the test of time to still be with us over 100 years later, Chanel No.5 was born. Imbued with jasmine, rose, sandalwood and vanilla, the fragrance was an instant success and from here Chanel developed over time with arguably one of the most popular fragrance collections in the world.

With so many beautiful fragrances to choose from, a Chanel fragrance makes the perfect gift if you are treating a loved one or of course just a little ‘thank you’ treat to yourself.
Come into the store and explore the range, it will be like reacquainting yourself with an old friend.

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