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CosmEthics not Cosmetics. Caudalie pledges to be the most effective of clean & natural brands.

Caudalie are renowned for selecting effective ingredients of natural origin, which offer amazing results. Using natures pick such as Vine and grape extracts taken from distinctive French vineyards. Plant and oil extracts with various cosmetic properties. Caudalie tries to get as close as possible to 100% natural, without sacrificing effectiveness and sensorially.

Caudalie pledges to help the planet where it can and since 2012 the brand has given 1% of their turnover to help environmental causes such as deforestation. Caudalie are the largest "1% for the Planet" contributors of the global cosmetic industry and hope to inspire other companies to join this movement for the greater good.

One of the brands beauty staples is the Beauty Elixir face mist which is loved globally for its purifying and refreshing properties.

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