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Faith in Nature

There are so many advocates for this brand and we know our customers love it because of the company values that surround it and of course for the wonderful products.

Faith In Nature.png

The brand is natural, cruelty-free and vegan and founded back in 1974 so it really was one of the first beauty brands to start harnessing the power of nature in a very big way.
Faith in Nature has a remarkable point of difference that we simply adore, they asked themselves one very important question as the company began to evolve - ‘What would it be like to put nature in charge’ and this is exactly what they did! The brand appointed an independent person to the board to give nature the vote that they believe is so very lacking in other companies. This person has the ability and is given the freedom to speak up for nature , in essence giving nature an equal vote in the company.
What is not to love a wonderful collection of products but one where nature truly has a voice across every aspect of the company - we only hope that more companies follow this lead.

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